Single Vendor


An online store where only its owner is selling his niche products is called a single vendor ecommerce website.

B2C Marketplace

Sell your products directly to the

B2B Marketplace:

Sell your product to a wholesaler or retailer.

omplete Control To Admin/Owner

Admin has complete authority over the website, where the person can monitor over all vendors, orders, commissions, products and much more.


Admin/Owner Dashboard

Owners get a complete overview of everyday business by logging in the admin panel. Get the fine details of every aspect of your business like sales, revenue, best selling products etc. to help you betterbusiness management.

Product Management

Allows owners to manage products where they can edit, add or upgrade. Give them the authority to add and view complete inventory, productvariants, product details, pricing image etc. Upload products in bulk using CSV.

Inventory Management

Keep track of all the products. Setup rules to display products as in stock or out of stock for all or specific vendors.

Shipping and Discounts

Set-up shipping charges and discounts on the products. Choose from multiple shipping partners to optimise shipping costs and maximise ROI.


Allows setting up the taxes. Taxes are available at product level giving sellers the freedom to decide

Returns and Refunds

Get the ability to offer easy return or refund for each
product shipped. Owner can also manage refunds at