Multi Store

With EVON IT SOLUTIONS you can launch and manage multiple stores from a single platform.

Category Based Store

Manage different category stores in a single website.

Geolocation Based Stores

Manage stores from different locations (be it anywhere in the world) in a single website.

Affiliate Stores

Manage your affiliate store from a single space with ease.


Single Dashboard

Manage multiple websites in a single dashboard for easy access. And using a single database for allocating products, deals, discounts, shipping, payments gateways to various sub-stores.

Unique Store URLs

Get a unique domain for your sub-store to ensure better results. Get better SEO results using different keyword sets for each domain.

Store Specific Catalogue

Specific catalogue for every store to your target customer. Allocate different products to each storefront effortlessly by choosing and adding the products to the store inventory.

Price Overrides by Store

Manage different category stores in a single websiteTake into consideration of different pricing of the same product and maximise your profits. List the same products at different prices depending on the location or the deal offered at each store.

Store Selection

Allow customers to choose from different storefronts based on their preference and customers can choose a storefront based on their choice of city, area, location etc.

Store Specific Discounts

Offer discounts to a specific store to attract customers. Set up and track different discounts for each store easily to find the most profitable marketing mix for your business.

Store Specific Coupon Codes

Coupon code generator allows you to create unlimited codes, use these to create flash sales with limited period coupon codes on each store for higher sales during the time of weak sales.

Store specific Shipping Rates

Offer different shipping rates on your multi shop website to optimise your shipping costs. Offer faster and discounted services based on geolocation to gain popularity

Store specific Designs and Themes

Each store gets a unique theme and design to attract customers. Create store specific marketing deal based banners to attract and convert more customers.

Store Groups

Easily group the stores with similar categories of product or any other feature on a big multi store website.

Hyperlocal Stores

You can create sub-stores for different localities and direct your customer to the sub-store nearest to their location, which allows you to serve customers directly and/or through your partners.