Take your business global with Multi-currency allowing customers from multiple countries to do business with you.

Automated Currency Rates

There is no hassle of changing currency rates every single day manually. Get all currencies listed on your site updated to current rates automatically on a daily basis.

Support for Unlimited Currencies

Currency should never be the barrier for your business and for the customers who want to buy products from U Get support for unlimited currencies used across the world. Now no new market is beyond your reach as you allow your customers to buy in their local currency.

Location Based Currency Switch

Automatically get the exchange rates of your native based on your IP with location detector. Customers are not burdened with additional exchange rate charges which helps in easy access and hassle free flow of work

Store-Based Currency Support

Set sub-store based currency and direct customers to choose the designated store with their preferred currency. Set base currency for store and get all product prices, pricing rules, discount etc. in the chosen base currency for different sub-stores.

Automatic Conversion at Payment stage

Automatically get the final billing price in customers native currency.

Invoice Support

Generate invoices in the desired currency with full invoice support for multiple currencies. The final billing of any order can be done in the chosen currency allowing the customer to use the receipt/invoice for further record keeping.